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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 – 8:00 am ∙ Planning for MA Estate Taxes: The MA Standby Gifting Trust

With the Massachusetts state estate tax affecting estates over $1M, any estates below the federal estate tax exemption amount could still incur a state estate tax bill of over $900,000. Sometimes, saving on the state estate tax may not be in a family's best interest, especially if it results in a higher income tax liability when beneficiaries sell assets after a death. We'll cover techniques to lower overall estate & income tax liability for beneficiaries after a loved one dies, shifting the focus from estate tax savings to a family's overall tax liability.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018 – 8:00 am ∙ Using IRA Trusts for Creditor Protection

Inherited IRA laws are still evolving, but many ways remain to maximize income tax deferral for heirs. The court determined in Clark v. Rameker that inherited IRAs are not protected from creditor claims in bankruptcy actions, making large IRAs left to individuals less attractive. We’ll review required minimum distribution rules for IRAs, Roth IRAs & 401(k)s & how trusts can best provide beneficiaries creditor protection. Also, find out which financial institutions are friendly or unfriendly & their specific idiosyncrasies with inherited IRAs.

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About Our Advisor Workshops

Join us at 6 Kimball Lane in Lynnfield for this unique opportunity for Attorneys, CFPs, CPAs & Financial Advisors. Credit is available for CPAs and also for CFPs, pending approval. Coffee & a continental breakfast are provided. If you’re unable to attend & would like the materials, please contact us & we’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

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Events from 2017

October 2017 ∙ Digital Assets: A New Estate Planning Frontier (Webinar)

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September 2017 ∙ Crisis Planning for Medicaid & Estate Taxes (Webinar)

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August 2017 ∙ Your Estate Planning Audit (Webinar)

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July 2017 ∙ Preserving a Business for the Next Generation (Webinar)

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July 2017 ∙ Estate Tax Planning: State v. Federal (Seminar)

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June 2017 ∙ Using IRA Trusts for Creditor Protection (Webinar)

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June 2017 ∙ Estate Planning Essentials: Marital Trusts, QTIPs & Credit Shelter Trusts (Seminar)

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April 2017 ∙ The Death of Funding: Align, Verify & Track Assets (Webinar)

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March 2017 ∙ Protecting Inheritances from Divorce, Creditor Issues & Substance Abuse (Webinar)

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Monday, February 27 ∙ Massachusetts Standby Gifting Trust (Webinar)

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